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About Gomla Market


Generation After Generation

More than 70 years of excellence Since launching in 1948 until now

  • First Generation:

  • Fathallah Group started its business in 1948 under the name of Mossad Fathallah & Bros. by selling spices, grains, coffee, and tea by wholsale in the markets of El-Manshia in Alexandria, and then such business was developed to wholesale all over the Republic of Egypt, and expanded to include canned foods, detergents and food of all kinds. Then it began importing from abroad to become one of the largest importers of spices and tea in the Middle East,  and also one of the largest importers, traders and distributors of foods and canned foods in Egypt.


  • Second Generation:

  • In order to complete the business development, establishing the first chain store selling goods directly to consumers at the wholesale price along with the import and basic trade.

  • The beginning came with the second generation of the family by opening the first branch of Fathallah Gomla Market and currently:


  • Gomla Market

  • The first branch of such chain store was San Stefano Branch, established in 1994 as the first supermarket selling to the consumer at wholesale price, which caused a stir in the world of direct selling to the consumer in terms of low price, goods variety, interesting offers, serious transaction, and respect of consumer, consequently this was followed by a series of new branches opening until we reached the number of 20 branches in Alexandria and various governorates.

  • For further development, Fathallah Gomla Market Company decided to turn into an Egyptian joint stock company so as to proceed from local to global horizons. The management was separated from the ownerhsip. Therefore, a board chairman was appointed from outside the family, and the company name was abbreviated to “Gomla Market”

  • That is the current registered company name. Thus, all new branches are opened under the name of Gomla Market.

  • Branches: (San-Stefano – El-Montazah – Bianchi – Moharram Bek – Down Town – Janaklis – Ibrahimia – Rose Garden (Amreya) – Wabour El Meyah – El Asafra – El-Faraana – Sporting – Mennasha – Ragheb – Borg El Arab – North Coast (Km 40), Marina – Cairo (Salah Salem) – Cairo (El Zaytoun) – El-Mansoura).



  • Then came the sister company

  • Aswaq Fathallah Markets for wholesale

  • It started as a sister company of Gomla Market Company. Its first branch is Semouha branch which adopts the same policy related to direct selling to the consumer at wholesale price and consumer service, and it was followed by a series of branches opening until we reached the number of 18 branches in Alexandria and the different governorates.

  • Branches: (Smouha – Seyouf (Gardenia) – Toson – Ibrahimia (Sama Rivera) – Sidi Gaber (Minni) – Anfushi – Sidi Gaber (station) – Hannoville – 6th of October (El-Nakhil) – Agami Star – Coast (Nice) – North Coast (Rosanna) – Tanta – Kafr El Dawar – Damanhour – Mahalla El Kubra – Matrouh).


  • Then the third generation came up with the idea of Beet El-Gomla Super Market

  • It is a chain supermarket aiming at providing basic goods to the Egyptian household with the highest quality, best prices, best service for the consumer, and it adopts the idea of spreading in the vital demotic areas and side streets to reach the consumer in the nearest place to his house.

  • Branches: (Al Wardian – Manshia – Abusoliman – and soon in El-Falaky).

بيت الجمله

  • Tree Chain Stores for Clothes, Perfumes & Cosmetics

  • TREE Chain Stores provides the largest collection and variety of Egyptian industry for men wear, with high quality cotton materials, in the framework of fashion for all ages at competitive prices in addition to shoes, socks, travel bags and accessories, and for the first time in Egypt, TREE Perfumes & Cosmetics chain Stores providing original perfumes and make-up to the consumer at the lowest wholesale price in Egypt,  in operation with the certified agencies accredited in this field in order to ensure the absence of non-original products.

  • Granting the franchise of Tree Stores is also available in order to invest using the TREE Stores brand to take advantage of our success story.

  • This shall help the investor to reduce the size of surprises, provide ongoing technical support, reduce the costs of marketing, and get the best products at the best prices.

  • Branches: (San Stefano – Semouhan – Hannoville – Mall Agami Star – Orouba Mall – Borg El-Arab Mall – Janaklis Mall – El-Montazah Mall – Down Town Mall (Marina) – Orouba Mall (Tanta) – Mansoura – Cairo Salah Salem).


About Us & Our Achievements: 

  • Our facilities employ more than 9500 employees, provide them with the adequate training and raise their standard of living and professional level directly.

  • We are the largest chain supermarket in Egypt with 42 branches in the governorates of Alexandria, Cairo, Dakahlia, Tanta, Mahalla El Kobra, Damanhour, Marsa Matrouh, North Coast, and soon in other governorates.

  • We are proud to be the leaders in establishing a new system all over the country (the real sale to the consumer at the wholesale price) and our slogan has always been “Save money and buy at wholesale price”.

  • Developing foreign and domestic trade, since we always look forward to making and importing high quality products at lowest prices to meet the needs of the Egyptian market and consumer.

  • We locally started to produce ROSE GARDEN line for Food and non- food products as well as personal care products, in addition to ROSE line for household products, electrical appliances, and TREE line for ready made garments.

  • Such lines are globally expanding, by exporting these products to some foreign countries.


  • We have entered the Guinness Book of Records with the world’s largest promotion (Tide pyramids).


    It is the world’s largest promotion of 338 m, consisting of a pyramid          made of Tide bags created at Rose Garden Mall (Amreya).


  • Our facilities employ more than 1200 suppliers from factories, farmers, and traders, thus creating jobs for more than one hundred thousand employees working with such suppliers and traders, in addition to working on their training and development.

  • The number of items exceeding 160,000 creates various opportunities for competition among suppliers to provide products of the highest quality at the best prices.

  • The opening of new branches each year throughout the country, which helps creating new job opportunities and results in the development of the surrounding areas.